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June Staff Picks


Amelia recommends The Giver by Lois Lowry
This book is based in a futuristic society where there is no pain, fear, hatred, prejudice, or war. Jonas, age 11, was born into this society and is waiting to be placed into an assigned job at age 12. He starts to realize the hardships of his way of living and starts to unlock secrets...many secrets.


Calista recommends How Not to Kill Your Houseplant by Veronica Peerless
An interesting and helpful read. Includes tips for watering, feeding, pest management, and diseases. Over 100 detailed guides for houseplants.


Eileen recommends The Cat Who Could Read Backwards by Lillian Jackson Braun
Originally published between the 1960s and 1990s,this old-school cozy mystery series revolves around Jim Qwilleran (note the W), a former newspaper reporter, and his amazing Siamese cat Kao K'o-Kung. Later books are set "400 miles of everything" and include feline companion YumYum but this is the origin story, the first murder man and cat solve together.


Kelly recommends Ferney by James Long
A twist on the time travel trope. The story of a deep, true love that spans over 500 years through multiple lives and is set in the British countryside. A deeply satisfying read.The saga continues in sequel, The Lives She Left Behind.


Linda recommends The Secrets Between Us by Thrity Umrigar
The Sequel to The Space Between Us
“It isn’t the words we speak that makes us who we are.Or even the deeds we do. It is the secrets buried in ourhearts.”
Readers eagerly return to Bhima’s hut and the ebb and flow of her life. An unexpected friendship leads to independence, and prosperity. Life in India is changing and Bhima and Maya are swept along—redemption, forgiveness, and love are realized.


Sarah recommends Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo
Set in a fantastical world where magic meets metal, Alina, an orphan and a mapmaker, and Mal, her lifelong friend, are drafted into the army to defend their home from the Shadow Fold, a miasmic cloud filled with dark, flesh-eating creatures. Alina discovers she holds a special power and is whisked away to the court of Grisha (magicians) where she is summoned by a handsome, powerful, and mysterious elite mage,The Darkling (much to Mal's chagrin). This series has been wildly popular on Netflix!


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