This Month's Staff Picks

Amelia Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Who doesn’t love a good Jane Austen novel? Sweet, romantic, a true classic regency novel. Published back in 1813, you’d expect this to be a hard to understand novel. Like many other books published during this time, the linguistics are very different. It can be hard to understand, however Jane Austen provides a very easy going read for us to comprehend. Follow along and fall in love with the writing, characters, and time period. Austen writes and makes you feel like you’re on the sidelines, in your 1800s attire, watching this all go down front and center.   

Calista The Finest Hours by Michael J Tougias and Casey Sherman

In 1952, an oil tanker split in two during one of New England’s worst winter storms.  Join 4 brave young men in their rescue to save more than 30 lives in just 1 small lifeboat. 

Eileen The Women’s Hour: the great fight to win the vote by Elaine Weiss

Nashville, August 1920. The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution, granting all women the right to vote, is on the verge of ratification– or defeat. This is the story of a seven decade fight for legal rights, all coming down to a crucial vote in Tennessee. Weiss explores the inside game– the actions of women and men, their personal triumphs and failings, and how those small details created the history-changing events we remember today. I love reading history to give perspective to the events of the present and the hopes of the future.

Kelly Who Rescued Who by Victoria Schade

 A great summertime beach read in Who Rescued Who.  Getting suddenly fired from her dream job is a shock so why not just fly across the pond to help settle an unexpected inheritance in a foreign country?  It shouldn't take very long -Elizabeth thinks- and it will give her something to do while she plots and plans to reclaim her position among the Silicon Valley elite and somehow get her job back.

Shortly after arriving in the UK Elizabeth meets her previously unknown aunt and uncle and an abandoned puppy.  As she tries to find a home for the pup, who is absolutely devoted to her, she starts to make connections with local people in the small town her father grew up in.  Throw in some long-kept family secrets and you've got the whole package in this one.  Discovering who her parents were and who she is- along with her new adorable four-legged friend- helps her decide what to do with her life.   

If you are looking for something light with a dash of romance, a bit of a twist and definitely some puppy love this summer read is for you.

Linda Consumer Reports 

This independent, non-profit publication has been looking out for consumers since 1936. With a focus on educating and protecting consumers, CR is rooted in practicality. This New England trait may be attributed to one of the original founders: Arthur Kallet was a professor of economics at Amherst College located in Amherst, Massachusetts. Seven million subscribers enjoy access to over 8,500 product and service reviews. Content is available in both print and digital formats. Annual subscribers receive two bonus issues: The yearly Auto Issue and the annual Buying Guide. Library patrons have access to the monthly issues as well as the two bonus issues.

CRs reviews have the power to effect change. For example, in 2018 CR published concerns about the long stopping distance of the Tesla Model 3. Within days of CR’s review, Tesla initiated a software update. After retesting the car’s brakes, CR gave the Model 3 a “Recommended” rating.

Patrons have access to 16 different magazines at Belmont Public Library. Come and check out the selection!

Rebekah The Martian

The Martian is one of those movies where you can never look away. You’re always pulled in wondering what is going to happen next. Mark Watney (Matt Damon), who is presumed dead, was left behind on Mars. With limited supplies, water and food, Mark learns to live on his own and tries his best to stay alive. Meanwhile, on earth, a group of NASA workers tries to find a way to bring him home.

This Sci-fi and adventurous movie is filled with well-scripted scenes and humorous parts. This movie is very realistic when it comes to being a Sci-fi movie, meaning something like this could happen in the future. Matt Damon, and the rest of the crew, did a fantastic job with acting and making it feel like it was real.    

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