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Amelia Transcendent Kingdom by Yaa Gyasi

Before picking any book up, I always have to read a couple of reviews. I came across The Guardian, a British daily newspaper. They had written an article about this book. Using a one-sentence statement about the book, they pulled me into Gyasi’s novel. They stated, “A young woman weighs faith and science as she searches for meaning in the wake of family tragedy.” To me, it was very interesting to think about. This autobiographical fiction book was truly remarkable. The way Gyasi had written her story through the narrator of a character she created was just amazing. It was almost as if she not only had to pull the reader into the book, she had to pull herself in. I highly recommend this book if you’re a very curious and open-minded thinker about the world.

Calista The Meg

Exploring the bottom of the Mariana Trench, a team of scientists release a shark long thought to be extinct. They must face and eliminate this massive predator– or it will eliminate them all! If you love shark movies . . .

Eileen Recursion by Blake Crouch

Memory is reality. Neuroscientist Helena Smith may have found a way to map memories, with staggering implications for those suffering through diseases like Alzheimer's. Meanwhile, what the media has dubbed “False Memory Syndrome”-- suddenly a person has two sets of fully detailed memories spanning an entire life– has been causing chaos for the past year. An encounter with an FMS sufferer leaves cop Barry Sutton searching for answers. The totality of all the moments is too much to bear.

Emily Perfectly Pegasus by Jessie Sima

The follow up to Not Quite a Narwhal is just as delightful. The celestial pictures are beautiful and whimsical and the story is just as sweet and easy to understand for young kids. A lonely pegasus named Nimbus sets out on a journey to find a fallen start and make a wish to have a friend. Along the way she finds a unicorn named Kelp, who introduces her to many new creatures. Nimbus may be too focused on her original vision of wishing on a fallen star for friends just like her, to realize she has wonderful friends in front of her that are just not quite what she expected.

Kelly The White Queen by Philippa Gregory

This is the first in the Plantagenet and Tudor series that chronicles the war of roses or the cousins' war that took place in 15th century England.  Gregory tells the story of Elizabeth Woodville, the White Queen, based on historical facts but also she "had to fill in the gaps of history with explanations or accounts of my own making".  She also enjoyed rewriting the story of a queen who was rather disregarded and disliked along with having a mother who was tried and found guilty of witchcraft.  Told from Elizabeth's perspective, the twists and turns of this power struggle that went on for years was both horrifying and fascinating.  Cousins and even siblings fought against each other to claim the throne.    

Historical fiction is definitely one of my favorite genres and this book did not disappoint.  It is definitely one that I took my time reading, careful not to miss cues and to keep the characters straight as many people named their children after relatives.  I did find it very rewarding to read about a queen who was quite a force to reckon with and was willing to stand her ground to protect her family.  

Linda Writing On Stone: Scenes from a Maine Island Life by Christina Marsden Gillis

Get ready for Island Time! Gotts Island is a microcosm of times gone by. The days of year-round residents ended decades ago but the people who settled there long ago maintain a presence to those interested in the past.

The author and her husband lost a beloved son and Gotts Island becomes his final resting place. He too becomes part of the island.

Only a handful of the 4,600 islands off the coast of Maine are inhabited. Writing On Stone honors the history of the island and a unique way of life cherished by those who call Gotts Island home. 


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